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Levels Group is a company based in Stockholm, founded by a couple of experienced and energetic entrepreneurs. Together with our team we work around the areas of digital transformation and innovation, by advising and assisting large corporates, as well as start-ups on how to drive change and growth through digital development, digital design, strategy and investments.

For larger clients we offer expertise in a number of key areas and for start-ups, the combined offer of fundraising, digital development, sales and marketing is quite unique. This approach together with a strong and wide network, enables us to interact with highly interesting investment and growth opportunities within the vibrant and digitally driven business community in the Nordics.

Within our team, there is experience from seed funding and development of several of the most successful growth cases and Unicorns in the Nordics and some of them are also on our current client list. While working closely with all our clients, we also participate actively as an owner within carefully selected projects and ventures.

We simply help others, as well as ourselves, to move from one level to another.

We are levels!