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Working with us is to engage in entrepreneurship on all Levels. Some of our ventures are born and bred in our House of Innovations – a visionary space where Levels employees can build their ideas into successful companies.

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Nordic outdoor adventures - noa

BUILDING & INSPIRING A COMMUNITY OF OUTDOOR ENTHUSIASTS. The outdoor market is thriving with a growing number of people looking to get out and explore all that nature has to offer. There is also an increasing emphasis on eco-friendly and local tourism that does not wear and tear on the environment. However, with so many verticles within outdoor, but no hub connecting it all, the space can be hard to navigate. It was with this insight that Levels co-founded Nordic Outdoor Adventures, also known as NOA. Through an ecosystem of outdoor experiences, digital products, and services, NOA is building a tight-knit community for outdoor enthusiasts.

strike trading cards

BUILDING AN APP FOR THE CREATION & SHARING OF DIGITAL SPORTS CARDS. We now and then host Innovation Days at Levels – all-day events where we team up cross-functionally to immerse ourselves in digital play and exploration. On one such occasion, COO Linus Granborg, together with our developers and designers, cooked up the origins of Strike – an app that lets aspiring athletes create and share their own sports cards digitally.


DELIVERING THE NEXT GENERATION OF PRODUCTS FOR DIGITAL CORPORATE COMMUNICATION. Levels joined forces with Fogel & Partners to launch LDC, built upon a mix between innovation, collaboration, and agile tech. The initiative answers to the higher demands faced by companies to reach their stakeholders in a rapidly changing landscape of corporate communication. Having identified the need for a new breed of efficient digital communication products, tools, and solutions, LDC was born.


STACC is a recruitment and training company, founded at Levels to tackle the current growing need for tech and digital talent. Today, STACC already works with several major Sweden-based organizations such as Coca-Cola, Amazon, Sandvik, Valtech, Knowit, consultancy firms, and scaleups.
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