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Uncovering the Feedback Dilemma

In a world where staying on top of customer satisfaction and product development is essential to a business’s success, having easy access to real-life customer feedback is becoming increasingly valuable. But even though our current reality may rest on a constant stream of information and data, actually separating the wheat from the chaff is a whole other story. While working with product development at one of the world’s leading producers of home appliances, Amanda Lilja repeatedly faced issues related to finding and connecting with relevant target groups to collect user feedback. The available profiles were seriously limited, and 'professional testers' seriously altered the results. Some participants didn’t even show up.
”Without relevant test subjects and reliable feedback on our services, the data we based our strategic decision-making on was poor or even worthless. Many times over, the investments of our time and resources were almost completely lost.”
There had to be a better, long-term solution — an undiscovered key to automizing the process of collecting and handling large quantities of high-quality customer feedback on an international scale.

Creating Value through Efficiency

Introducing FeedbackFrog: a unique digital tool that drastically simplifies companies' user testing and research activities, ensuring quick and reliable feedback on products and services from relevant target groups. Established in 2018, FeedbackFrog exists to help enterprises simplify and scale their qualitative research by providing easy to use, accessible technology supported by a human touch. In response to an increasing demand from clients, partners and end-customers to switch to digital solutions, FeedbackFrog has initiated its shift towards becoming a fully-fledged SaaS platform with highly attractive opportunities to scale.

“UX research is about getting value creation and risk mitigation as right as possible, as quickly and efficiently as possible, again and again. Nothing is more important in a recession. You want to accelerate UX research going into uncertain times - it's crucial to stay close to your target audience”.
-- Amanda Lilja, Founder and CEO FeedbackFrog

This is where Levels, from an early stage of business development, has lent a helping hand as venture partner. This partnership was in turn facilitated through a sweat-equity deal, exchanging work for part-ownership. Together with FeedbackFrog, Levels is transforming the business from manual handling to a completely digital flow. This has been instrumental to support further growth at FeedbackFrog and to attract new investors and expansion capital to the business.
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