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Vogue Scandinavia is the Nordic edition of the iconic fashion magazine established in 1892 and owned by Condé Nast since 1909. Its launch during 2021 is considered the biggest and most ambitious of its kind, backed by the highly esteemed fashion-publishing profile and entrepreneur Martina Bonnier. With digital innovation, visual storytelling as well as a holistic sustainability approach, Bonnier has set out to push boundaries with a modern magazine fit for the future. Levels, as a partner to Bonnier and her team, are responsible for the development of a digital platform that invites the user to experience the unique universe that is Vogue Scandinavia.

Bridging concept and technical solution

It was with a bold and clear vision that Vogue Scandinavia's CEO and Editor in Chief, Martina Bonnier, initiated the work behind creating a new kind of fashion magazine amid the pandemic during 2020. The goal was to build an inclusive and engaging ecosystem that speaks to all five senses, which was made possible with digital innovation and a strong focus on sustainability as well as the Scandinavian heritage when it comes to fashion, culture, and design.

Levels was trusted to be responsible for the development of the digital platform and thereby the bridge between concept and technical solution. A key success factor in this process was a deep understanding of concept and branding, but also equally important, the editorial need from a CMS perspective. Thanks to a tight-knit collaboration with the team at Vogue Scandinavia and the creative agency B-Reel, the aforementioned could be successfully achieved.

"We have worked closely and intensively with swift communication within the project with Levels from the start and have all strived to achieve our ambitious goals. I don't think I have ever before witnessed such a relatively small group of developers accomplish so much in so little time and with such high quality delivered."

- Peter Holmlund, Digital Product Owner at Vogue Scandinavia

An innovative digital platform at the forefront of technology

When translating vision into a digital product, there was an emphasis on innovation, integration of high-tech solutions that support AR and 3D elements, enabling intuitive navigation on the platform, quick loading times, and seamless connections with social media. The final result is a digital destination at the forefront of technology that welcomes the user to take part and truly experience the Vogue Scandinavia universe in its entirety:

"The team at Levels is extremely thrilled and proud to be a part of Vogue Scandinavia's journey. Together we have created a platform that enables innovation, groundbreaking design and interface, as well as disruptive content and activation. On the whole, the different parts give the user a holistic experience not too far off from the physical,"

- Linus Granborg, COO at Levels and responsible for digital innovation

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