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From the first line of code to fruition, Levels joined along the journey of creating an innovative, functional, and user-friendly platform for podcasters, listeners, and advertisers. Focused on the world’s fastest-growing digital continent Africa, Afripods aims to help spread great stories, insights, entertainment, and joy.

A continent on the rise

Over the past decade, podcasts have seen a steady rise in popularity. The format’s rise in demand coincides with a general increase in digital media consumption, specifically on mobile devices. Digitalization is a major driver of growth in Africa. By 2025 it’s expected that more than 50% of the population will have access to the Internet, which represents over 600M people and a forecasted +700M smartphone users.

A digital architecture on the cutting edge of design & tech

From writing the first line of code to assembling a local team with strong connections to podcasters and radio networks, we created a one-stop-shop for podcast creators, listeners, and advertisers alike. By building a platform customized according to the capacity of regional networks, bandwidth, and electronic units, while simultaneously maintaining high technological standards, we have optimized user experience and business opportunities. The end result is a hosting solution and technical infrastructure for podcasting across the continent.
"Afripods is building the largest library of African audio stories on the planet. We are based in Nairobi, Kenya and have been working with Levels to help bring our product (both app and website) up to global baseline standards so we can compete with some of the largest players in the world. We have tech out of Kenya and are constantly looking to build out our team, but I have found it to be extremely important to have our technical architecture and foundation on the cutting edge of both design and technology. Being that Sweden is the design capital of the world and has had multiple unicorns come out of their startup ecosystem, it made sense to start here and continue the knowledge transfer on the continent."
- Molly Jensen, CEO of Afripods

A one-stop-shop for podcast creators, listeners & advertisers alike

The platform has been developed to include features that take all user needs into account:
- Enhanced listening experience on both mobile and web
- Statistics based on listener data made available for podcast creators
- Integrated ads allow advertisers to build campaigns that reach the most talented podcast creators and spark personal conversations with engaged listeners

Reaching listeners all over Africa & beyond

With Afripods, users from all over the world can listen to their favorite podcasts, discover unique voices and uncover new stories by Africans and the African diaspora.

Today Afripods is the primary podcasting platform and hosting solution of some of Africa's most popular voices, including the largest independent media house in East and Central Africa, Nation Media Group. A sample of beloved podcasts featured on Afripods includes The Spread, The Sandwich Podcast, Legally Clueless, Case Number Zero, A Country of Gamblers, Nipe Story, and Living Truthfully.

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